we offer a wide range of video services that are unique to each & every client

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Wedding Videos

We offer multiple, bespoke wedding packages. Check out the “Weddings” page to find out more.


Actor Show-reels

We work with actors to write, produce, film and edit pieces for show-reels. Up and coming actors do not always have quality clips to insert to a reel, so we help them produce a few short scenes that can sell their skills as an actor.


Corporate Videos

We work with businesses, big or small, to create promotional material to help sell themselves. Whether it is showing off an office space, or covering an event, we work to put across the strengths of a business and help portray exactly what they want to show.


Short Films

We have created multiple short films. Often written, produced and created by our team, we are also open to working with others. Varying massively in genre, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and understanding of how to craft a tight, entertaining short film.


Music Videos

We work with bands or artists, of any genre, to create cinematic, stylish music videos. We work with their ideas, or create our own and then work to bring them to life. Whether it is a story video, or a live performance style, we have it covered.


Event Videos

We offer coverage of events, ranging from album launches, fashion shows, music festivals and more. If you have an event that needs filming, We will be there to shoot it.


Promotional Videos

We work with shows such as Wicked UK, Cirque Du Soliel and the Empire Theatre to create promotional material for their shows and events. We create short, snappy videos with interviews and show footage, to help promote upcoming shows.


Live Lounges

We host live lounge sessions with musicians and bands to create stylish, slick live music set-ups. With an audio engineer and our multi-camera team, we offer a great acoustic way for people to show of their music.


Property Tour Videos

We work with housing companies and letting agencies to create video tours of their properties. With our Steadicam and wide angle lens, we create slick virtual tours that give buyers a real look at the property.

Post Production.jpg

Post Production

We work to create re-edits, or cumulative pieces like show-reels for companies or people. Using our editing skill and industry knowledge, we bring new life to people’s work.


Freelance Crew

We both work on other people’s productions as freelance too. We are confident camera operators, Assistant Directors and Clapper Loaders, amongst plenty of other experience on sets.