Branchwork Media is a Merseyside based video production company who pride themselves on producing high quality, cinematic, corporate & creative content

Having met in 2015 whilst both studying Digital Filmmaking at SAE Creative Media Institute Liverpool, Andy & Sam found themselves working on many projects both inside and out of their studies. Taking all the opportunities presented to them as a chance to improve their skills, they soon created Branchwork Media to start their professional filmmaking careers. Since launching in 2016, Branchwork Media has successfully crowdfunded a short film, worked with The Empire Theatre and the world famous Wicked Tour as well as TV stars such as Johnny Vegas. In August 2017 Sam & Andy graduated from SAE, both receiving First Class Honours Degrees. 


"We approach all of our work with our film-making background in mind, this means that the art of storytelling is first and foremost, be it a wedding an advert or a music video. With quality assured from the start, we are confident that we deliver a creative and passionate service for those looking for professional video content with a modern and personal touch."

- Sam & Andy

Directors, Branchwork Media


Sam Birch



Andy Flush



Whilst studying in college in 2014, Sam's debut short film was a finalist of the Brighton Young Film Festival. This led him to study Digital Film Making at SAE Liverpool where he found himself thriving in the production side of filmmaking. With strong organisation skills and precise attention to detail, Sam takes the lead on Branchwork’s pre-production elements of projects later collaborating with Andy on set to see his creative vision and style become a reality.


With a specific eye for the technical elements such as editing and composition, Andy initially took a post production role on shoots, but found the more directorial production route was ever calling. With a love for working with actors, and seeing his vision come to life in front of the camera, Andy collaborates with Sam on-set and takes a lead in post production sides of a project, bringing his love for music and the cinematic style to the forefront.